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I'm relocating. What does that mean for my signs?

So you're moving, exciting! What happens to your business sign? Where does it go? Can you take it with you? The answer varies depending on your sign and situation. Check out the information below to see what applies to your specific sign as well as some general tips and info about moving it.

Tenant signs can be taken out and easily changed when moving
Tenant Sign

Tenant sign:

Tenant signs can sometimes be re-used. Some landlords will allow you to take your tenant panel with you. If you chose to do so, you may be required to replace the panel. Check in with your landlord about policies and regulations. You will also want to scope out your future location for areas to place it, as there may not be a good space for it at the new location.

Channel letters:

Channel letters are durable and can be moved to different locations. The most cost-effective channel letters to move are those that are mounted on a raceway. If you have direct mounted letters, they can also be moved, it is more labor intensive so your costs will be higher. Either way, call us before you just throw away your letters!

Electronic Message Center

Hire a sign company (Preferably Bismarck Sign Co ) to disassemble, pack and reinstall the EMC. Be sure to use proper packing materials to protect the equipment during transportation. If the move involves electrical work, sometimes you will need to hire licensed electricians to ensure the proper installation and connection of the EMC at the new site.


Vinyl is usually not re-useable, unless it is placed on a surface that can be moved and taken with you. If you have vinyl on your business door or other surface, it can not be taken elsewhere. The vinyl is not meant to be reused and will rip when removed. Contact your local sign company to have new vinyl cut and installed at your new location!


First, confirm whether you own the existing monument sign or if it is the property of the landlord or property management. If it's yours, you have the flexibility to take it with you. Be sure to consider factors such as the sign's structural integrity, foundation, and overall stability when moving. You can also hire a professional to come check out the sign for you! Take into consideration that the monument sign may need restoration or modification during the relocation. This may include repainting, repairing damaged elements, or updating signage content.

Interior signs There are many different interior signs. Check out some here to see if your sign falls under this category. Evaluate the current condition of the interior sign. Note any damages, wear, or necessary repairs before moving. Document the sign's dimensions, materials, and any unique features that may affect affect future installation. Ensure that the new site's infrastructure supports the installation requirements of your interior sign.

Costco Signage
Parking Sign

Parking signs

If you need to put new posts in the ground, you will need to obtain any necessary permits for the installation of parking signs at the new location. If possible, hire a professional sign installer with experience in traffic signage to ensure proper installation. Keep documentation of the installation process, including permits, approvals, and any correspondence with local authorities.

LED Border Tube

Hire professionals to carefully dismantle the LED border tube. Professionals must take note of the arrangement of components and wiring. They must take special care to avoid damage and pay attention to any specific instructions provided by the manufacturer. Do not forget to take power supply into consideration when scoping the new location for LED placement.

LED's can make your business stand out at night!
LED Border Tube


Other general tips when it comes to relocating!

Regulations and Permits:

Check local regulations and obtain the necessary permits for installing your sign at the chosen location. Ensure compliance with zoning laws and any other relevant regulations.

Review Lease Agreements: 

If you're leasing the current space, check your lease agreements. Some leases may require you to leave the signage in place, while others might allow you to remove it. If it's allowed, ensure you follow any specific procedures outlined in the lease.

Consult with a Professional: 

Before removing the sign, consult with a professional sign company or contractor to assess the feasibility of relocating the sign. They can provide guidance on whether it can be safely removed, transported, and reinstalled at the new location.

Work with Professionals: 

Hire experienced professionals to handle the removal, transportation, and reinstallation of the sign. This helps ensure that the process is carried out safely and efficiently. Be sure to hire an electrician if your sign includes electronics.

Consider Temporary Signage: 

If removing the sign is not feasible or if there's a gap between moving out of the old location and opening in the new one, consider using temporary signage to direct customers to the new address. Check out banners and other options here!

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