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How can I make my business sign more eye-catching? Here are 7 tips to help!

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Making your sign eye-catching is the whole point of investing in a sign! We want to make sure you get a return on your investment!

Need some pointers on sprucing it up?

Consider the tips below :

High Contrast Channel Letters
High Contrast Channel Letters

1. Make it Pop! Be sure to choose colors that stand out and provide a good contrast. Ensure the text is easy to read from a distance. Consider the background color of the sign in relation to text color. Make sure your sign as a whole stands out from the background scenery as well!

2. Font Selection

LED Channel Letters with Sans Serif Font
Channel Letters with Sans Serif Font Choice

Use a simple, easy-to-read font. Avoid complex, display fonts. We strongly recommend avoiding script and handwriting styles. Ensure the font size is large enough to see from a distance.


Interior Letters
Interior Letters

Keep your message clear and concise.

Avoid clutter and unnecessary details. Use easy to understand language-consider a tagline or slogan! Try to resist the urge to list every single service you provide.

4. Using Graphics ?

Halo Lit Letters with Logo Graphic
Halo Lit Letters with Logo Graphic

Use high-quality graphics that represent your business for eye catching business signs. Ensure the images are not too busy or detailed. This may distract from the main message. We recommend staying clear of using images.

5. Size and Scale

Halo Lit Icon from Brand Package
Halo Lit Icon from Brand Package

Consider the size of your sign in relation to its placement for eye catching business signs! It should be visible from a distance and appropriately sized for the space. Be sure the text and graphics are proportionate to the sign’s dimensions. Ask us about a field test to ensure the size will be sufficient.

6. Lighting for Maximum Visibility! If possible, use lighting to make your sign visible at night. It is 24/7 advertising and can create a sense of safety by being a well lit area.

7. Brand Consistency Use colors and elements that align with your brand. Consistency=Brand Recognition and Brand Recognition = Trust.

Be sure to check on any regulations regarding size, placement, and lighting when designing your sign. Need an extra hand? Give us a call at: (701) 751-7777 or Shoot us a message here!

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