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9 reasons LED's are the right choice!

LEDs have become increasingly popular for use in signs due to their numerous advantages over traditional lighting technologies. Here are some of the perks of using LEDs in signs:

#1 Energy Efficiency

LEDs are highly energy-efficient, consuming significantly less power than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights. This can result in substantial cost savings over the long term, especially for businesses that keep their signs illuminated for extended periods.

#2 Longevity

LED lights have an exceptionally long lifespan compared to traditional lighting sources. They can last tens of thousands of hours, reducing the frequency of replacements and maintenance.

#3 Durability

LEDs are solid-state lighting devices, meaning they are more rugged and durable than traditional bulbs. They can withstand vibrations, shocks, and harsh weather conditions, making them well-suited for outdoor signage.

Illuminated Holiday Inn Sign. Located in Bismarck, ND
Holiday Inn

#4 Instant Illumination

LEDs light up instantly without the warm-up time required by some other lighting technologies. This is particularly advantageous for signs that need to be visible immediately, such as digital or electronic signs.

colored lights

#5 Color Range and Vibrancy

LEDs are available in a wide range of colors, and they can produce vibrant and saturated hues. This flexibility allows for creative and eye-catching sign designs, making them highly effective for advertising and branding.

#6 Dimmability

LEDs can be easily dimmed to achieve the desired brightness level. This feature is useful for adjusting the sign's visibility in different lighting conditions or during specific times of the day. This is a setting in most Electronic Message Center displays. If you have a Daktronics Display from us and are wondering how to adjust this, click here!

energy efficienct that reduces carbon emissions
Environment Friendly

#7 Low Heat Emission

LEDs generate very little heat compared to traditional lighting sources. This not only contributes to their energy efficiency but also makes them safer for use in close proximity to signage materials.

#8 Environmentally Friendly

LEDs are free of hazardous materials, such as mercury, which is found in fluorescent lights. Additionally, their energy efficiency reduces carbon emissions, making them a more environmentally friendly lighting option.

#9 Dynamic Lighting Effects

LED technology allows for dynamic lighting effects, such as color-changing and animation. This capability is especially valuable for digital signs and displays, providing versatility and attracting attention. You may have noticed our color changing letters or RGB color changing border tube. Check out some of our work here.


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