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Tips for fleet wrap designs that generate ROI

Designing an effective fleet wrap is crucial for creating a visually appealing and impactful representation of your brand. Here are some tips for designing a fleet wrap that stands out and effectively communicates your message and drives a return on your investment:

#1 Simple and Clear Message

Keep the design simple and focused on conveying a clear message. Avoid clutter and ensure that the key information about your brand, such as logo, tagline, and contact information, is easily visible.

City Air Mechancial located in Bismarck, ND
City Air Mechanical

#2 Branding Consistency

Maintain consistency with your brand's color scheme, fonts, and overall visual identity. The fleet wrap should align seamlessly with your existing marketing materials and brand guidelines.

#3 High-Quality Imagery

We don’t love images. But If you must use them, use high-resolution images and graphics to ensure a professional and polished appearance. Blurry or pixelated images can detract from the overall quality of the design.

#4 Eye-Catching Graphics

Create visually striking graphics that capture attention. Bold colors, dynamic images, and creative use of space can make your fleet stand out on the road.

Ford fleet

#5 Readable Fonts

Choose clear and easily readable fonts for all text elements. Consider factors like font size, spacing, and legibility, especially when the wrap is viewed from a distance.

#6 Hierarchy of Information

Establish a hierarchy for the information on the wrap. Important details, such as your company name and logo, should be more prominent than secondary information.

Baranko Companies out of Dickinson

#7 Contrast and Visibility

Ensure there is enough contrast between the background and the text or graphics to enhance visibility. This is crucial for readability, especially in different lighting conditions.

#8 Consider Vehicle Shape

Take into account the shape and size of the vehicles when designing the wrap. The design should flow smoothly across different panels and not be disrupted by doors, windows, or other features.

#9 Minimize Text

Keep text to a minimum, focusing on essential information. People have limited time to absorb the message while on the road, so keep it concise and impactful.

sign and wrap investments

#10 Professional Design Assistance

If you're not experienced in graphic design for vehicle wraps, consider hiring a professional designer or a design agency with expertise. They can help create a design that effectively communicates your brand message. We can absolutely help with this!

Remember that the goal of a fleet wrap is to create a lasting impression, so investing time and effort into a well-thought-out design is essential for a successful campaign. Don’t just throw something up and hope it sticks.


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