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How can I measure the effectiveness of my business sign? Here are five great tips!

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

#1 One of the best ways to determine the effectiveness of your sign is foot traffic and sales!

Track the number of people entering

your business before and after installing your sign. Simple enough! Next, try tracking the change in sales and revenue in relation to the installation of the sign.

#2 Another great way is through surveys and feedback.

Conduct customer surveys and ask what influenced their decision to visit your business.Another great question to ask is the customer's overall perception of your brand

after seeing the sign.

#3 Use a QR code or promo code to track how many customers see and use it!

This will make it clear what sales were directly related to the sign.

#4 Check out website analytics.

Monitor your website traffic and check if there’s an increase in online engagement or sales since your sign has been installed.

Use websites like Google Analytics to track online conversions.

#5 Look at repeat customers.

Assess whether there is an increase in repeat customers after the sign is installed. A sign that leaves a lasting impression can contribute to customer loyalty.

By employing a combination of these methods, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of how effective your business sign is in achieving its intended goals.


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